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About MCare360

MCare 360 is a versatile, user-friendly, and ​comprehensive solution for healthcare ​management, catering to a broad range of ​healthcare facilities looking for efficient and ​integrated EMR and ERP systems.
MCare 360 offers an AI powered all-encompassing ​software solution that has Electronic Medical ​Records (EMR) and Enterprise Resource Planning ​(ERP) into a single, cloud-based/On-premises ​platform.


One integrated platform for ​EMR and ERP, offering a unified ​solution for healthcare facilities ​to manage.


Ensures compliance with ​standards like HIPAA, ​safeguarding patient data


Digitalization of records, automated ​lab systems, and filmless PACS ​technology led to significant cost ​savings and operational efficiency.


Access all our cloud ​applications through simply ​connect to the internet using ​your preferred device to utilize ​any of our solutions

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Ensures compliance with ​standards like HIPAA, ​safeguarding patient data

AI & Innovation

AI analytics, AI assisted ​prescriptions & Imaging ​Reporting, telehealth, and online ​consultation

MCARE 360 is a Digital Healthcare platform that integrates and streamlines the healthcare industry and ​bridges the EMR-ERP gaps by bringing cohesion to various components of the healthcare ecosystem.

Smooth Patient Flow

Single Click Appointments and ​Scheduling


Internationally compliant for clinical ​findings and diagnosis.

Tests & medication ordering
in real-​time.

Enhanced Patient

Robust order entry

Dynamic Vitals and Measurements

Clinical Decision Rules

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Mcare360 revolutionizes medical record management, ​integrating electronic medical records, medical practice ​management, and insurance & billing functionalities into ​one intuitive system.

E-prescription by Sub Specialty

Tests & Medication ordering in real-time

OP & IP Management

PACS Integrated

Automated Lab Management

Emergency Room Management

Machine Integration

EMR - Modules

EMR includes wide array of specialized modules like Clinicare, Doctor, Nursing, RadCare, ​ImageCare, LabCare, MachCare, PharmaCare, ADTCare, OTCare, FirstCare

ERP- Modules

ERP includes wide array of specialized modules like Revenue management, Insurance, Billing & E-claims, ​Human Recourses, Finance, Procurement & Supply Chain, Inventory & Products & Facility Management.

Your branding

Personalized App with your name, logo and ​colors, making it easy for patients to install and ​access

Appointment booking

Quick access to your practice for appointment ​bookings, confirmations, and reminders to ensure ​your patients don’t miss their consultations

Personal Health Records

Convenient and secure access for your practice & ​patients to their health records and medical ​history

Medical Reports Availability

A convenient way for patients to view laboratory ​reports and also radiology reports with images

Marketing & Promotion

Hospitals can run marketing, Offer & promotion ​campaigns directly to the patient’s Mobile App

Mobile App

Appointment ​booking

Personal Health ​Records

Reports ​Availability

Featured ​Services

Why Choose MCARE360

One Platform Solution:MCare360 provides a robust one platform for EMR and ERP, offering a unified ​solution for healthcare facilities to manage.

Efficiency & Cost-Effectiveness: Digitalization of records, automated lab systems, and filmless PACS ​technology led to significant cost savings and operational efficiency.

Innovation Culture: Our platform promotes rapid innovation, offering flexible infrastructure and a ​vast ecosystem of partners and technologies to enhance clinical intelligence and drive progress.

Efficient Processes: Features like fast patient registration, appointment scheduling, and a user-​friendly interface ensure a smooth experience for both patients and staff.

Operational Efficiency: Recognized by IDC MarketScape as a top RCM provider, we deliver predictive ​insights for process automation, resource optimization, and enhancing operational efficiency."


Technology-enabled patient ​flow management.


Competitive Pricing


Grow & scale your medical

MCare360 Solutions

Medical Centers Solutions

MCare360 is a versatile, user-friendly, and ​comprehensive solution for healthcare ​management, catering to a broad range of Medical ​Centers looking for efficient and integrated EMR ​and ERP systems

Dental Clinic Solutions

The MCare360 Dental Solution digitizes records ​and streamlines dental care with easy health ​information access, integrated digital imaging, and ​efficient scheduling, enhancing care quality and ​reducing admin tasks.

Hospital Information ​System

MCare360 HIS offers a complete paperless ​healthcare information solution, designed to meet ​the needs of all kinds Hospital seeking integrated ​EMR and ERP systems for efficient operation.

LabCare Solution

MCare360 LabCare Solution provides a ​comprehensive reporting system for all laboratory ​sections, including hematology, chemistry, ​molecular, and anatomical pathology, ensuring ​efficient lab operations.

PharmaCare Solution

MCare360 PharmaCare Solution is fully ​automated system integrates with OPD, OT, and ​IPD to manage the pharmacy, including ​medication queues, dispensing, point-of-sale, and ​inventory management.

TeleRadiology Solution ​(PACS)

MCare360 RadCare Solutionmanages and reports ​on all radiology modalities such as CT, MRI, X-ray, ​Ultrasound, etc. It includes queues for ​Technologists and Radiologists and can integrate ​with speech recognition systems for enhanced ​functionality and AI supporting reporting



Single/Multi Specialty ​Clinics

Medical Center

Multi - Specialty Medical ​Centers

Ambulatory Center

Multi - Specialty ​Ambulatory Centers

Hospital & Custom

Hospital Information ​System

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